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Iouo - The Only Name of God

To every person the knowledge of the pronunciation of the name of God should be important. The two following scientific books give information on the true reading of the divine name as well as several interesting new discoveries in the Old as well as the New Testament, that are directly linked to the name IOUO. See the introduction for a brief look into the contents and purpose of these books.

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Scientific Part:

IOUO - The Name of God  
The book gives an answer to the question: How is the name of God pronounced in the right way? Is it Jehovah or Yahweh or any other pronunciation? In order to answer this question newly discovered structures in the Bible are used along with analyses of text and languages of the Bible.
[PDF] [HTML] (added February 24, 2001, Chapter 14 changed on October 2nd, 2011)
IOUO - The Only Name of God
Supplement to the book Iouo - The Name of God containing thoughts of correction:
[PDF] (added May 12, 2002)

Religious Part:

The following books and articles are more of religious nature, not scientific as the two books presented above:

Notes on the Name of God
A presentation of chapters omitted in the book IOUO - The Name of God, which were included in an original version entitled "notes on the Name of God" that was sent to the Church leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses.
[PDF] (added May 12, 2002) 

Riddles of the Bible
a presentation of biblical thoughts, which are of great concern to Jehovah's Witnesses, but also of interest to every bible reader. 
[PDF] (added May 12, 2002) 
True Christian Worship 
a presentation of key elements of how true christian religion should be and how it should not be, as well as some other biblical thoughts.
[PDF] (added December 11, 2006) 

Remark by the author
[PDF] [HTML] (added March 22,2003)
Song of Praise to Iouo's Name
Iouo, my shepherd  [PDF] (added  November 9, 2003)
Iouo is my shepherd [PDF] (added  July 13, 2004
Melody 1 for the Evening-Meal [PDF] (added  November 9, 2003
Melody 2 for the Evening-Meal [PDF] (added  November 9, 2003

Comments on the Last Supper
[PDF] (added April 16, 2006

Comments on Parts of the Book of Daniel
[PDF] (to be added

Explanation of Some Bible Terms
[PDF] (to be added 

Short Comment on Key Points of my Books
A short outline of the contents of both my scientific and some of my religious books  
[PDF] [HTML] (added September 21, 2003)
Quotation from the German magazine "Der Stern" (10 April 2003, no.16, p.48): 
James Woolsey, former director of the CIA said: "The USA find themselves in the Fourth World War." (With the Cold War being "World War Three").
Already in spring 2003, General Wesley Clark, retired NATO-Commander-in-chief and later a candidate running for US president in the 2004 election, mentionned a thought of a commencing World War.

Popular Scientific Part:

The Name Iouo - In Simple Terms
A short popular scientific argumentation to show that the name of our god must be Iouo.
[PDF] (added July 13, 2004) 

Concluding Part:

Concluding Thoughts on this Website
[PDF] (to be added

Supplemental Remarks on this Website
[PDF] (to be added


The Good News of the Kingdom of Iouo, the only true God, that is the happiness-giving proclamation of the Kingdom and of the royal rule of Iouo is meant as an appendix to this website after the concluding remarks. This appendix is meant as an appeal to as many people as possible to participate in the preaching and proclaiming of the coming Time of Happiness.

Letter to our Fellow Citizens
This letter is in German.
[PDF] (added February 17, 2007) 

Three versions of short argumentations for God's name being Iouo
This document is in German.
[PDF] (added February 19, 2007) 

The Good News of the Kingdom of Iouo
This document is in German.
[PDF] (added February 19, 2007)

Short Summary of a few Bible Highlights
This document is in German.
[PDF] (added February 19, 2007) 

List of Bible Highlights on the Subject: The Kingdom of Iouo God
This document is in German.
[PDF] (added February 19, 2007) 

List of Highlights in the Bible and in History on the Subject: The Name of God Iouo
This document is in German.
[PDF] (added February 19, 2007)
This document in Spanish. [PDF] (added November 14, 2012) 

Creation vs. Evolution
This document is in German.
[PDF] (added February 19, 2007)
This document in Spanish. [PDF(added November 14, 2012)   

A Letter to Friends
This letter deals with the questions: Why does God allow Wickedness? Why can we be sure, that the Bible really is God's word?
[PDF] (added February 19, 2007) 

Songs concerning the Good News:
Do Not Be Vexed [PDF] (added February 19, 2007) 

The following songs are in German:
The Victory of the Name Iouo [PDF] (added February 19, 2007) 
The Word of Life [PDF] (added February 19, 2007) 
My Song of Dedication [PDF] (added February 19, 2007) 
Love means Life [PDF] (added February 19, 2007)
Creation [PDF] (added February 19, 2007)
A Song of Praise [PDF] (added February 19, 2007)
My Song of Joy [PDF] (added February 19, 2007)
The Song of Heretics [PDF] (added February 19, 2007)
Pure Language from Iouo [PDF] (added February 19, 2007)
You, Iouo, are My Shepherd [PDF] (added February 19, 2007)

Bible Translation Part:

This part consists of preliminary versions of translated parts of the bible. This translation work is ongoing and further content will be subsequently added. Most of the manuscripts are in German.

Remark: The bible translation part has been deleted (except for the concluding remarks), because one cannot introduce with a clear conscience additional mentions of the Name of God, even with the intention of correcting omissions of the Name, as long as positive proof is not available (comp. Rev. 22:18,19).

[HTML] (added August 28, 2007, changed October 2nd 2011) 

Résumé of the web site:

Outlining evidence for the pronunciation "Iouo" [PDF] (added June 13, 2009)

Substitute Content for Deleted Section:

The section containing parts of the bible translated by ourselves has been taken off this website. In order to close this gap, bibles have been put in their place that have been corrected with the name Iouo, the name of our God. The respective copyrights of the bibles used have expired.

German Bible Part (Unrevidierte Elberfelder Übersetzung)
Old Testament [PDF] (added November 23, 2011, changed November 25, 2011, work in progress)
New Testament [PDF] (added September 3, 2012, work in progress)

English Bible Part (American Standard Version)
Old Testament [PDF] (added November 23, 2011, changed November 26, 2011, work in progress)
New Testament [PDF] (added September 3, 2012, work in progress)

Chinese Bible Part (Chinese Union Version - Shen Edition)
Old Testament [PDF] (added November 23, 2011, changed November 28, 2011, work in progress)
New Testament [PDF] (added October 2, 2012, work in progress)

Japanese Bible Part (Bible Colloquial Japanese)
Old Testament [PDF] (added April 13, 2016, work in progress)
New Testament [PDF] (added April 13, 2016, work in progress)

Spanish Bible Part (Reina-Valera 1909)
Old Testament [PDF] (added October 7, 2012, work in progress)
New Testament [PDF] (added October 7, 2012, work in progress)

French Bible Part
(Louis Segond 1910)
Old Testament [PDF] (added October 8, 2012, changed August 30, 2015, work in progress)
New Testament [PDF] (added October 8, 2012, work in progress)

Persian Bible Part
(The Holy Bible in Persian 1904)
Old Testament (added September 12, 2012 - October 4, 2012, work in progress)
[Gen Exod Lev Num Deut Josh Judg Ruth 1Sam 2Sam 1Kgs 2Kgs 1Chr 2Chr Ezr Neh Est Job Pss]
[Prv Eccl Sg Isa Jer Lam Ezek Dan Hos Joel Amos Obad Jon Mic Nah Hab Zeph Hag Zech Mal]
New Testament (added September 12, 2012 - October 4, 2012, work in progress)
[Matt Mark Luke John Acts Rom 1Cor 2Cor Gal Eph Phil Col 1Thes 2Thes]
[1Tim 2Tim Titus Phlm Heb James 1Pet 2Pet 1John 2John 3John Jude Rev]
       This is an example of correction by hand (along with question marks at places of uncertainty).
       Doing this with your own Bible is very blessed. 

Adamic Bible Part
Old Testament (based on the Codex Leningradensis) [PDF]
(added December 10
, 2012,
changed August 30, 2015, work in progress)
       Short Explanation of the OT in Adamic [PDF] (added December 12, 2012)
New Testament (based on Delitzsch's translation into Hebrew) [PDF] (added January 7, 2013, work in progress)
       Note: Not original text of the Bible, only a translation that approximates Biblical Hebrew.
       Short Comment on the NT in Adamic [PDF] (added January 7, 2013)

Synopsis of Genesis Chapters 1-40 for facilitating the learning of Adamic
Adamic - English - French - German [PDF] (added January 23, 2013, work in progress)

Examples For Restoring Iouo's Name in the Bible [PDF] (added October 15, 2012, work in progress)
Containing short Bible texts in the following 26 languages:
Arabic, Czech, Dakota, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Latin, Maori, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu,
Vietnamese, Yoruba

Advice to readers:

Concerning all languages in which bibles are available online without copyright (or even with copyright, but  for private use only): Everybody can correct a whole bible with the name of God in the form of Iouo at the established places in the Old Testament and at very many places in the New Testament. It is possible to download a bible and then correct it in the way it has been done here.

There are ca. 3 billion printed copies of the Bible in the world and each one should be corrected at ca. 8000 places. Therefore it would be necessary to correct the Name of God altogether ca. 24 trillion times in order to restore the purity of the word of God at least to some degree. Due to our limited means, we only corrected the Name of God an estimated 400.000 times in Bibles. If every single owner of a Bible or Bibles would correct his copy or copies by hand, the world would be a better place.

Comment on Working with the Bible today [PDF] (added November 14, 2012) 
This document is in German.

Genesis Russian - German Synopsis [PDF] (added March 4, 2016)  

Genesis Maori [PDF] (added March 5, 2016) 

The World Accuses Iouo [PDF] (added November 14, 2012, work in progress) 
Extract of Isaiah (Chapters 41 to 60) with short comment. This document is in German.
This document in Spanish. [PDF(added November 14, 2012, work in progress) 

Verses for love to the name of our dear god iouo [PDF] (added November 13, 2012, work in progress)
Flyer consisting almost completely of pairs of analogous verses in the OT and NT. It can be easily translated into all languages in which complete Bible translations exist.

Patriarchs-Atonement-Day-Cryptogram [PDF] (added November 14, 2012, work in progress) 
Arranging the families of the biblical patriarchs opposite to the sacrifices of the Atonement Day results in an admonition possibly hidden within the Bible text. This document is in German.

Listening section:

German Bible Reading
    Start of Isaiah [MP3] (added November 23, 2011)
    Judges 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 [MP3s]
    (added October 9, 2012, removed August 29, 2015 for editing reason)
    Psalms 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18a 18b 18c 19 [MP3s]
     (added November 23
, 2011, removed August 28, 2015 for editing reasons)

    Philemon [MP3] (added November 23, 2011, removed August 28, 2015 for editing reasons))
Adamic Bible Reading
    Start of Genesis [MP3] (added November 23, 2011)
    Accompanying text in Adamic [PDF] (added November 23, 2011)
with German interlinear translation (only 1st page) [PDF] (added November 23, 2011)    
                                   with English interlinear translation (only 1st page) [PDF] (added November 23, 2011)
    Lamentations [MP3] (added September 9, 2012)
    List of Misreadings and Mispronunciations in the Lamentations Audio File [PDF] (added August 30, 2015)
       This is meant to give an impression of an Audio-version of the whole Bible in Adamic
       (with the OT and the NT translated into Hebrew as basis).
       A reading of the whole Bible is not provided for two reasons:
       Firstly, it is easy to create an Adamic Audio Bible yourself by applying the pronunciation rules
       of Chapter 8 of the book "Iouo - The Name of God" to a Hebrew Bible text. And when using an
       Interlinear Version (e.g. Hebrew-English), it can even help you learn Adamic.
       The example given might incite you to do this.
       Secondly, we are not yet able to read and speak Adamic fluently as can be heard in the sample.
       Reasons for Choosing Lamentations [PDF] (added September 13, 2012)
melody of praise from the song "Iouo, my sheperd!" - orchestra version [MP3] (added November 23, 2011) 

Happy good news:

Some additional letters of publishing introductive thoughts of evangelization.
The documents are in German.
Letters to our Fellow Citizens
1 2 3 4 [PDFs] (added November 25, 2011)
Letters to Fellow Citizens in Mourning [PDF] (added November 25, 2011)
1 2 [PDFs] (added November 25, 2011)

Songs of praise:

Some additional songs of praise.These songs are in German:
My Friend Provides Peace  (Mein Freund sorgt für Ruhe)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
My Life He Clears of Anxiety (Mein Leben macht er angstfrei)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
Your Guidance and Your Blessing (Deine Führung und dein Segen)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
Delight of Everlasting Life (Die Wonne im ewigen Leben)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
Walking Closely the Narrow Path of the Bible (Der enge Weg mit der Bibel)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
The Flame of Io (Die Flamme Ios)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
My Song of Gratitude (Mein Dankeslied)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
My Song of Praise (Mein Loblied)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
My Song of Rejoicing (Mein Jubellied)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
A Song of Victory (Ein Siegeslied)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
It Is Done (Es ist vollbracht)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
My Song of Joy (Mein Lied der Freude)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)
Poor or Rich (Arm oder Reich)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)

This song is in French.
Iouo, My Shepherd (Iouo, mon berger)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)

This song is in Turkish.
Iouo, My Shepherd (İouo, çobanım)
[PDF] (added November 26, 2011)

Poem based on the Song of the Lamb

with comment, by Kurt Niedenführ
This document is in German.
[PDF] (added November 28, 2011)

God's name Iouo in 26 forms:

Overview of the Name Iouo in various languages and scripts. This document is in German.
Iouo in different Languages and Scripts
[PDF] (added November 25, 2011)

Overview of suggested transliterations (tentative transliterations) into a wide range of languages
based on cursory studies of the respective phonology and sript systems. Therefore, the
preliminary transliterations may be flawed (!) and need to be reviewed by native speakers or
linguists of the languages and language families.
Working papers in German by my son Daniel.

Iouo Tentative Transliterations Europe [PDF] (added July 17, 2012, changed March 5, 2016, work in progress)
Iouo Tentative Transliterations Asia [PDF] (added July 17, 2012, changed March 7, 2016, work in progress)
Iouo Tentative Transliterations Africa [PDF] (added July 19, 2012, changed March 7, 2016, work in progress)
Iouo Tentative Transliterations Oceania [PDF] (added July 19, 2012, changed March 3, 2016, work in progress)
Iouo Tentative Transliterations Americas [PDF] (added July 22, 2012, changed March 7, 2016, work in progress)

Tentative Arrangement and Order of Bible Books:

Elements of the Tabernacle in conjunction with the Hebrew and Greek Alphabets serve as a structure for arranging the books of the Bible.
This document is in German. [PDF] (added January 23, 2013, changed January 25, 2013, work in progress)

Supplementary Manuscripts and Miscellaneous Addenda:

I believe it to be Iouo's will to tell yet some "things of God to Israel" (in this quote I apply the term Israel to all faithful people) following Ezekiel 40:4. Due to my bad health, I don't know how long I will be able to do that. Therefore I publish documents that are still incomplete or in a handwritten draft state, in order to prevent them from gettin lost.

The Name of God - A Paradise in itself [PDF] (added April, 25, 2016, work in progress)  
Almost complete draft. Document in German.

A Paradise in itself
[PDF] (added April, 25, 2016, work in progress)  
Start of document above as a fair copy. Document in German.

The Bleeding Heart of our Father
Start of document in English. [PDF] (added April, 26, 2016, work in progress)  
Complete document in German. [PDF] (added April, 26, 2016, work in progress)  

Studies about Love and
the Start of the OT and the NT and the End of the Bible
[PDF] (added April, 28, 2016, work in progress)  
Almost complete document, mostly in German, parts in English and French.

Songs for Iouo:

Songs for Iouo [PDF] (added January 18, 2016, work in progress)
Arrangement of songs in German, English and other languages as well as piano notes.

Corrections of this Website:

(added December 2, 2014)

1) Beginning of New System of Things
According to my calculations published in the book „Riddles of the Bible“ and elsewhere, the beginning of the 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ should be in spring of the year 2033. This event was also identified in that book with the beginning of the New System of Things.
While I still hold up the opinion that spring 2033 is likely to mark the beginning of Jesus’ millennium reign, it stands now in question whether this is also true for the beginning of the New System of Things. The introduction of a New World Order at the end of Armageddon could already start much earlier than that, if we consider the possibility of an interim period, in which the order of the world would be converted and prepared for the following millennium reign. This introduction could begin at any time from now.

“Day and hour” remains hidden from us, as the Bible states at different passages. It is not our place to get to know that which Iouo has put into his own discretion. Some things are first seen blurred like through a veil. Then the picture gets clearer over time, sometimes through events of history. At any rate, I am not a prophet, just a researcher of the Bible. And in every research there are steps and stages, sometimes with mistakes.

2) N
ew Appraisal of Panin and Rips
In the book “Iouo – The Name of God” and elsewhere, I referred to different discoveries of patterns in the original Bible text made by the mathematicians Iwan Panin (gematric patterns with number seven) and Eliyahu Rips (“Bible Code”). The research into those possible patterns is not yet advanced enough for the results to be considered reliable. My reference on those discoveries should not be taken as an advice to consider those patterns as something to rely on.

Concerning Panin’s research results, it is too early to claim that the whole original text of the New Testament has already been restored by Panin’s method. God’s Name Iouo is not restored in that text and also many other things seem to be half-baked and not conclusive.

As to the Bible Code of Rips, it is also too early to consider it reliable. His research completely ignores different version of the Hebrew text handed down to us and solely deals with the Textus Receptus.

3) Retrospection and Re-evaluation (added January 22, 2015)
14 years after the publication of my research I gained enough distance for retrospection and sober re-evaluation. I noticed that I have sometimes jumped to conclusions or have used dogmatic wording. In those cases the results appeared to be already proven even though a more comprehensive body of evidence would have been necessary. That let my subjective convictions appear to be objective and established truths. In my enthusiasm for the topic I overshot the mark.

Even though I emphasized right from the start that my statements are mere research findings that need verification and are in no way inspired (even though I am motivated by Gods spirit), the wording did not always live up to that and could even be detrimental to the desired scrutiny. In some cases I let myself be carried away and established definitions in domains in which I did not have the right to do so.

As concrete examples I want to mention variations of the name of God. In the Bible itself only „Iouo“ (3rd person singular) is documented along with abbreviatied versions and the use in theophoric names. Additionally, „Aoio“ (1st person singular) might also be counted among that. The „Aouo“ with the same meaning and derived variations such as „Touo“ (2nd person singular) and inflected versions are merely conceivable.  The encoded pictures contain even indications of their existence. But only the bearer of the name has the right to call them his name, namely God himself.

As to the exact pronunciation of „Iouo“, there is no sufficient evidence to define rules. I stand by my conviction that „Iouo“ consists of four vowels. But I don’t have the authority to define rules of its pronunciation.  That goes for pronouncing the vowels I and U as semi-vowels as well as for the use of closed or open vowels or the use of allophones. It is also not my place to define the number of syllables of the name or to define rules for accentuation. Generally speaking, the pronunciation of Adamic is only tentative (i.e. Audio-Bible-Parts). I believe that the permissible pronunciation in various languages will become clear as the result of further research or through definition by God himself.

I am also now a little bit more cautious concerning the supposed existence of a hidden 50th Bible book and of the notion that the Gospel of Thomas is likely to be that hidden book than my original formulations suggested.

„Panta rhei“ – „Everything flows“. Research must not stand still. And convictions should be scrutinized from time to time. Some conclusions turn out to be wrong or hasty.  At the end of the search the true name of God will eventually remain along with all real evidence for it. But the topic „name of God“ is so very significant that it is always worthy for people to actively concern themselves with it.

Sometimes makeshift solutions are legitimate. That can be compared to the tent for the Ark of Covenant, which David erected in Jerusalem. It had its purpose for a time but it had to make place for the final temple of God.

4) Use of God's Name as Part of Personal Names and Place Names (added June 9, 2015)

In Chapter 5 of the book "Iouo - The Name of God", I stated that God's name Iouo was only used in an abbreviated form for proper names of persons (such as "Io" in Jochebed). I also stated that the full form was only used in the naming of places (such as Iouo-Nissi), never for a person, as it would be too holy for that.

While I still maintain that it is not advisable to use the full name Iouo in the naming of persons, there is an exception to that in the Bible. Exactly one person in the Bible was named with a personal name that contains the full version of God's name. The name is IOUOCDQNU (Adamic), which means "Iouo Is Our Righteousness", and it was given to Jesus (Jeremiah 23:5,6)(Compare 2. Timothy 4:8: "crown of righteousness").

    The Author


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