Chapter 18


There was detected that the word Torah is encoded in the first sentences of Genesis, Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy in the original Hebrew text, when we take every 50th letter after a fitting first letter (detected by Rabbi H.M.D. Weissmandel in the 1940s). Likewise the word OUOI appears encoded in Leviticus. This detection led to the development of the Bible code from 1982 onward. It would be interesting to use IOUO, AOUO and TOUO as codes and to investigate the resulting new pages, after the method of the Bible code. Those pages contain interesting hints and even prophecies. It would be of interest to see all of this in connection with the Name.

But even of greater importance is that the Bible code could be a God-given method to restore the original unique text of the Hebrew-Aramaic-Greek Bible. But some might contradict that method, because they don't believe in the real existence of a Bible code. Their argument is that there are so many different readings of the now available texts of the original Hebrew Bible. They say that it is impossible to prove that a Bible code exists, because only one missing or added character in the text denies the whole method of the Bible code. Some say, the Bible code only can be proven when the original text would be already present.

In this respect it is a great help to see that two different texts of Genesis brought forth both encoded things:

1) encoded pictures in the text of Genesis 1:1 - 2:4 with IOUO ALOIM at every occurrence of the word ALOIM.

2) the word Torah hidden by taking every 50th character in the text of Genesis 1:1 ff., normal text.

Don't underestimate the powers of God! He obviously planned a self-healing power in the text and wanted the reconstruction of the original text be made possible by computer programs using the methods of the Bible code, of encoded pictures, of Dr. Panin's numbers, of the tabernacle pattern and maybe of still other methods. But God took into account whatever changes the wicked humans could have made in the past. He obviously took into account that there would appear different readings with differently missing or added letters.

He even knew what letters he would allow to be changed.

He allowed the omitting of his name in Genesis 1:1 - 2:3, but he didn't allow the omitting of his name in Genesis 2:4. Bible experts, he knew, would find out that Genesis 2:4 is a colophon (= a concluding sentence) (45) belonging to the foregoing report about creation. So it was easy to find out that the expression IOUO ALOIM could not only appear in the colophon of this first creation report. It was likely that all appearances of ALOIM in this report should be restored to IOUO ALOIM.

All different readings anyhow are allowed for codes. Thus God allowed the omitting of certain letters and words or the adding only to a limited degree so that he could give to all arising readings code-meanings. These should provide certain methods within the whole text to enable the reconstruction of the only correct original text. Thus it seems to be a relatively easy task to find back with the help of computers the original text no matter with what different texts we start to investigate. So it is no surprise that the Bible code functions with every available Hebrew (or Greek) text. Don't make IOUO smaller than he is in your minds! Here comes on the plan a totally other spirit than any human can imagine! John 5:28 starts: "Do not marvel at this!" This expression is fitting here, too.

It is most likely that in the line of the Bible code and of encoded pictures, of Panin's numbers and of the tabernacle pattern (46) still many mysteries will be found in the Bible. The next chapter gives some further hints in this direction. Who still can doubt, that the Bible is God's Word, that it is inspired by him? We have the proof now that each and every character was inspired by this tremendously intelligent high Being. Why shouldn't IOUO care for each letter in his Word when he gives the law of Revelation 22:18,19 and Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:32 (Matthew  5:18; Luke 16:17)?

The Bible code and its installing of certain "pages" of the Bible could lead to other encoded pictures as well. The creator had innumerable possibilities of encoding his Bible text with pictures, prophecies, messages, numerical codes, or even three-dimensional forms. Only with the assistance of computers can these phenomena be investigated, maybe even modern-day computers being too small.

(45) "The Watchtower", 1953, February 1, p. 78, Transmitting God's Word. Compare also: Die ganze Schrift ist von Gott inspiriert und nützlich, 1967 (All Scripture is Inspired of God and Beneficial, 1963), Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, heading: 1. Mose, p. 11, paragraphs 3,4.

(46) Others already investigate using methods similar to Panin's; Ivan Panin even was nominated for the Nobel Prize: this proves that his discoveries were generally accepted.


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