IOUO - The Name of God



This book "IOUO - The Name of God" gives an answer to the question: How is the name of God pronounced in the right way? Is it Jehovah or Yahweh or any other pronunciation? In order to answer this question newly discovered structures in the Bible are used along with analysises of text and languages of the Bible. These newly detected structures are encoded pictures in the text of the Bible and the "Tabernacle-Pattern", a pattern that is visible throughout the whole Bible. My book also contains other aspects concerning the name of God.


The purpose of this book is not a religious work but a scientific treatise, although I believe in God and in the inspiration of the Bible. This is felt throughout this book. You simply cannot write about God's name in a totally neutral way apart from all religious reference. But no religious purpose stands behind this book. It is merely the wish to make some newly detected facts accessible to scientific experts. These facts might be of interest for many non-experts, too. The statements in this book are not the result of a linguistic study but of an unbiased look upon some obvious facts concerning the languages of the Bible, especially the Hebrew language. I am not a scientist, a linguistic specialist of Semitic languages nor a specialist of the languages of the Bible. I studied civil engineering. Sometimes, however, non-specialists of certain sciences discovered important facts which promoted these sciences. An example is Alfred Wegener and his theory about the continents. In a similar way the thoughts of my book suggested themselves to me and I am convinced that the statements of my book will stand up to any scientific investigation and criticism.


This book can be copied and distributed freely in parts or as a whole for private and educational purposes. Copying, distributing or translating of this book in parts or as a whole for any commercial purposes needs the written permission of the author. The discoveries and conclusions in this book are not protected by the copyright as far as they are scientific facts or evident results. Those facts are at free disposition for everyone; only the way they are presented in my book is protected by the copyright.


I wish to thank my sons for their helpful assistance.


Please excuse my unsatisfactory English.



Haundorf, Germany, December 2000, Kurt Manfred Niedenführ




Remark: The pronunciation in the international phonetic transcription is added in brackets [ ].


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