Appendix I


I appeal to all linguistic and Bible experts and all other interested ones:


1) Investigate the whole Bible to find encoded pictures using computers

2) Attempt to restore the exact original text of the Bible by comparison of encoded pictures, by numerical methods (Panin a.o.), by using the Bible Code (Dr. Eli Rips), by applying the Tabernacle Pattern and by similar methods

3) Investigate the Bible text to find other possible encodings

4) Investigate the language and alphabets to verify the relation of Adamic vowels to the corresponding consonants of other languages

5) Investigate languages and alphabets to reestablish a proved Adamic alphabet


Since all this scientific research exceeds my own means and equipment, my own possibilities, my computer know-how, my scientific qualification and my competence I call for the help of organizations, universities or individuals to promote the further progress of this project.


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