Chapter 22


We already found out that Jesus and his 12 disciples point to the Name by the number 13 (chapter 19). But they also point to the "1 + 3" of IOUO (I + OUO): Jesus (= 1) and 3 times 4 disciples (= 3). The same with Jacob (= 1) and 3 times 4 sons (= 3) or with the tribes of Israel: Levi (= 1) and 3 times 4 tribes (= 3).

The patriarchs, too, point to the name of God:

    I  =  Abraham


    O =  Isaac

    U =   Jacob             stem OUO = 3 times I as starting letters of the patriarchs names

    O = Joseph


The wives of Jacob point to God's name:

    I  =  Rachel


    O =  Bilha

    U =  Lea                       both maid-servants, the equal letter O

    O =  Silpa


Abraham and his wives point to God's name:


    I  =  Abraham


    O =  Sarah

    U =  Hagar                   both married wives, the equal letter O

    O =  Keturah


or in the following way:

(in this sequence they bore children)

    I  =  Abraham


    O =  Hagar

    U =  Sarah                    both concubines (according to Genesis 25:6)

    O =  Keturah


The temples point to God's name:

    A =  Tabernacle


    O =  Solomon's Temple

    U =   Serubbabel's Temple                stem OUO = 3 temples in Jerusalem

    O = Herod's Temple


    I  =  Ezekiel's Temple in a vision in IOUO-Shammah


Women of the Old Testament who are held in esteem point to God's name:

    A =  Shulamite

    T =   Ruth                      women to whom a book of the Bible is dedicated

    I  =  Esther


    O =  Sarah

    U =  Rebekah             stem OUO = 3 wives of the patriarchs

    O =  Rachel                  symmetry of the two O's, both had to allow concubines


The festivals of Israel point to the name of God:

    O =  Passover and unfermented cakes

    U =  Pentecost or weeks                 stem OUO = 3 great festivals, the original ones

    O =  Booths or ingathering


    I  =  Dedication or Chanukah

    A =  Purim


The kings of Israel point to God's name:

    O = Saul

    U = David                                      stem OUO = 3 great kings of the undivided Israel

    O =  Solomon


    I  =  Jeroboam and successors

    A =  Rehoboam and Davidic successors


The time of Jesus' service points to the name of God:


    O = first year of service

    U = second year of service               stem OUO = 3 full years

    O = third year of service


    I  = last half-year of service = decisive half-year = person part I


The parts of Jesus' life point to God's name:

    O = Michael in heaven

    U = Jesus on earth not yet spiritbegotten              stem OUO = 3 parts before death

    O = Jesus spiritbegotten after baptism


    I  = Jesus at the right hand of IOUO

    T = Jesus as enthroned king after 1914

    A = Jesus after the 1000-year reign having given back his kingship to IOUO


The parts of the life of Abraham point to God's name:

    O =  in Ur

    U = in Haran                                   stem OUO = 3 main places of his life

    O =  in Canaan


    I  =  in Egypt

    T =  back in Canaan

    A =  after resurrection into all eternity


The parts of Jacob's life point to God's name:

    O =  Canaan

    U =  Haran                                      the symmetry of the two O's = same country

    O =  Canaan


    I  =  Egypt


The parts of Joseph's life point to God's name:

    O = till being sold in Canaan

    U = at Potiphar                                stem OUO = 3 parts of unimportant position

    O = in prison


    I  = as second ruler in Egypt = high position as I (=he) is meaning the person of IOUO


The parts of Samson's life point to the name of God:

    O = childhood

    U = strong judge by the spirit of God                 symmetry of O's = both times powerless

    O = blind in prison


    I  = in the temple of Dagon, again strong, stronger than ever


The parts of Moses' life point to God's name:

    O = 40 years at Pharaoh

    U = 40 years in Midian                     stem OUO = 3 forty-year periods of struggle

    O = 40 years in the wilderness


    I  =  after resurrection (the real life) = time of rest


The four creatures from Revelation (Revelation 4:6-8) and the four cherubs of Ezekiel's vision (Ezekiel  1:10) compared with God's main attributes point to the name of God, too:

    I  =  likeness of a man                +   love (excelling like I)


    O = likeness of a lion                  +  justice

    U = likeness of an eagle             +  wisdom   

    O = likeness of a bull                  +  power or might 

        stem = 3 animals                          stem= 3 lower attributes

According to Ezekiel 1:10 the face of a man and of a lion were at the right side. Right is greater than left! Therefore we get the sequence: man, lion, eagle, bull, since bull was on the left side and obviously (logically) the eagle. Thus we know that justice is greater than wisdom.

The different forms of life in the spiritual and in the material realm also point to the Name:

  A = IOUO himself

  T = Jesus after resurrection                                                immortal heavenly souls

  I = 144 000 members of Jesus' bride after resurrection


  O = Cherubs

  U = Seraphs                                                                     mortal heavenly souls

  O = normal angels


  I = humans (and maybe aliens)

  T = animals                                                                       mortal material life

  A = plants


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