Chapter 23


As we saw already in the last chapter with Jesus, Moses etc. certain parts of the history of one's life are corresponding with the pattern of God's name (1 + 3 = I + OUO). Thus these point to the Name and this is showing that IOUO has acted often according to that pattern. This is generally so in the history of mankind:

Let's take a look at the history of the people of Israel:

    O = time of judges

    U = time of kings                              stem OUO = 3 big sections of Israel's history

    O = time of postexilic governors       symmetry of O's = two times of non-kingdom


    I  = time of Jesus' service (3,5 years)

    T = time of preaching to Jews only (3,5 years)           last year-week (Daniel 9:25-27)

    A = time after Cornelius' baptism till 70 C.E., destruction of Jerusalem and the temple

When we go into detail and compare Israel's history with the festivals of Israel (compare Chapter 16), we find interesting details: The time of judges started with the Exodus from Egypt and 40 years of wandering, this corresponds with the Passover, which is the start of the unfermented cakes (= O, time of judges). The time of kings is the U or the festival of weeks = Pentecost. The time of postexilic governors (48) started or was introduced by the Babylonian captivity, this corresponds with the day of Atonement, the start of the festival of Booths which is the second O. The time in Babylon indeed was a time of atonement.

Let's turn to the history of Christianity:

    A = life of Jesus on earth or only the service of the anointed Jesus Christ

    T = primary church till the New Testament was written (end of first century)

    I = early church till it became Church of State


    O = Catholicism

    U = Orthodoxism                                         stem OUO = 3 big sections

    O = Protestantism


    I = Adventistic movements before 1914

    T = vast preaching work of Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses

    A = separating of sheep and goats by Jesus who is coming


Let's take a look upon world's history:

    A = the creation of the planet earth

    T = preparation of the earth in 6 creation-periods

    I = start of the 7th day or period with Adam and Eve peaceful in paradise


    O = from sin-case onward outside paradise till the deluge

    U = until Jesus' death, the turning point of mankind           stem = 3 sections outside the

    O = until Armageddon's end                                            paradise under the Devil's rule


    I  = 1000-year reign of Christ, a Sabbath-year for mankind

    T =  1000-year reign of IOUO, a Jubilee-year for mankind, triumph of victory

    A =  eternity under IOUO's rulership


Again the time of Moses together with Joshua:

    I  =  Moses at Pharaoh 40 years


    O =  Moses in Midian 40 years

    U =  Moses before Pharaoh, 10 plagues, Sinai    symmetry of O's = both times in Midian

    O =  Moses in the wilderness 40 years                (Midian = wilderness)


    A = Joshua's leadership, in the promised land, 30 years


The great positive religions in mankind's history:

    I  = religion of Seth handed on to Noah by patriarchs


    O = religion of Noah after the deluge (origin of many religions)

    U = religion of Abraham (origin of Jews and Islam)

    O = religion of Moses (origin of Christians)


    T = religion of Christ Jesus (origin of many Christian denominations)

    A = religion in the New System to come into all eternity (origin of no further religions)


Likewise we can compare the history of the Christians with the parable of the wheat and the weeds (Matthew 13:24-30):

    I  = primary church = seed of the wheat


    O = Catholicism

    U = Orthodoxism          seed of the weeds; wheat and weeds growing together

    O = Protestantism


    T = the heads of grain appear at the wheat (adventistic movements)

    A = the time of harvest (time of the end)

(48) In this time Israel was mainly represented by the priests, thus these three main sections of Israel's history foreshadow the three functions of the 144 000 in its right sequence : judges, kings, priests (Revelation 20:4-6) priest being the highest function.


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