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(1) Adamic alphabet
The Adamic language is the original language of the humans, which was given to Adam and which lived on (with slight changes) in the form of the Hebrew language. Also the writing of the Adamic language was given to Adam.
Changes from Adamic to Hebrew (here the original Adamic pronunciation is shown):
א = Aleph = A [a:]; ב = Beth = B [b] no V; ה = He = O [o:]; ו = Waw = U [u:]; ט = Thet = Th [θ]; י = Jod = I [i:]; ע = Ayin = E [e:]; פ = Pe = P [p] no F; ק = Quoph = QU [kw] no K; ש = Shin = SH [] no S;
(2) The name "Iouo"
From the above we learn that the name of God has to be pronounced IOUO [´i:ouo]. Four vowels underscore the holiness of the name since vowels are breathed sounds and breath in Hebrew is the same word as spirit. Vowels are strong sounds that can stand alone.
(3) Evidences for "Iouo"
(a) The Latin word IVPITER indicates an IOUO PATER, since it is being declined IOVIS; IOVI; IOVEM, IOVE. The idea of a highest god being a father corresponds with the father role of the God of the Bible.
IOUO PATER = IVPITER therefore obviously originates from the forefathers of humankind, who are called patriarchs in the Bible.
(b) The Septuagint of the Dead Sea-Scrolls contains an Ιαω for הוהי, so do the writings of the historian Diodorus Siculus. The Ιαω obviously is originally an IOUO with the OU being transliterated in α, since there was no distinct sound for U in the Greek language.
(c) The Greek of the New Testament and the Septuagint both translate:
אוהי = Jehu in Ιου, הדוהי = Judah in Ιουδας etc. with
ו ה י
Y O  I
since the Upsilon (υ) after vowels was sometimes used as an exchange for U in the Greek language.
(d) The ה in Hebrew words often is used in connection with the vowel O, e.g. מיהלא = Elohim! There are hundreds of other examples like this.
(e) The ה in Hebrew until today is also being used as an A-vowel, with the A in the Hebrew language sounding close to an O.
(f) The Greek word ’Ελωί (= my God!) that Jesus shouted when he was pierced on the stake points to an original ALOIM for מיהלא = Elohim, giving evidence for = O.
(g) The word הּיָ = Jah for the short name of God points to an original IO, since the Quamets ָ is pronounced as an open O, indicating that ה = O originally.
(h) The Jewish historian and priest Flavius Josephus (who lived in the time just after Jesus) shows in his books that the name of God consists of four vowels, giving evidence for "IOUO".
(4) Tabernacle pattern
The tabernacle is constructed after the pattern of the name of God:





stem of the verb (3 vowels)


causes to become


3 cubes of the tabernacle




Many other things in the Bible are designed after this pattern. There many hints to the pronunciation "IOUO" (= הוהי) can be found.
(5) Encoded pictures
The original Hebrew text of the Bible can be written in a way that the letters are written in serpentine lines with always 26 letters making up each line and all letters written strictly above each other. Then you can find pictures using the code הוהי and other codes. In the New Testament we can do the same with the Greek text (Westcott & Hort–Text with God’s name restored) and also find pictures using the code ’IOYO. This is the best evidence for:
’I O Y O
י ה ו ה
By this the pronunciation "IOUO" is proved above all doubt.
(6) Time of the end and world time
We can see from the Bible that the time of the end lasts from 1914 until 2033, corresponding to one generation lasting shorter that 120 years according to Genesis 6:3. This time of the end includes five world wars:
World War I: 7 seals of Revelation
World War II: 7 trumpets of Revelation
Cold War: 7 thunders of Revelation
World War III: 7 angels of Revelation (start in spring 2003)
World War IV: 7 bowls of Revelation
World War V: Armageddon – a heavenly war against the earth (Revelation 16:14-16)
World time can be compared with the tabernacle. Daniel shows that Jesus’ death is anointing the Most Holy (Daniel 9:24), therefore Jesus’ death is the curtain to the Most Holy. Jesus is the lord of the Sabbath, so he is the lord of a 1000-year reign, and therefore we have a world time of 6000 years until the New System of Things counting from the case of sin. The Most Holy comprises one third meaning 2000 years since Jesus’ death.
From this we get the following results:
1) Armageddon ends in 2033
2) World time is from 3968 BCE (case of sin) until 2033 CE (omitting the year 0) = time of Satan’s rule
(7) The anointed ones
There are three classes of anointed ones:
1) The 144,000
2) Those who miss the high goal but nevertheless are faithful; they will be princes on earth (Psalms 45:16)
3) Those who are completely unfaithful; they are the evil slave; they will be destroyed
This corresponds with the tabernacle pattern:
Most Holy = 144,000
2nd square of the Holy = princes
1st square of the Holy = evil slave
(8) The faithful and discreet slave
Just like Purah, the servant of Gideon, was part of the 300 faithful ones, the faithful and discreet slave is only a small part of the 144,000 faithful future kings. He is comprised of those who are also discreet and not only faithful. It is them who bear 100-fold fruit according to the teachings of Jesus, while the rest of the 144,000 are those who bear 60-fold fruit and the other sheep bear 30-fold fruit as do the princes.
(9) Baal cult with God’s name
God jealously watches over his name. He is a zealous god. If you would insert the word "Satan" into a name e.g. making "Pesatetaner" out of "Peter", then you would bring a curse upon the name "Peter". Hence you cannot sanctify the name of God by working an "Adonai" (= Lord = Baal = Devil) into God’s name and making a "Jehovah" out of "JHVH" (e, o, a = vowels of "Adonai"). This is a curse upon the name of God and can be compared with the Baal cult in Israel, which preferred to worship a "Lord" (= Baal) than to worship IOUO. This Baal cult is being expressed in the pronunciation "Jehovah" and in omitting the name of God in the Bible (by replacing it with "Lord", "Herr", "Kyrios", "Dominus", etc.) and in the custom of the Jews of reading "Adonai" whenever the Tetragrammaton appears in the text. IOUO will curse this Baal cult as well as he has cursed the Baal cult in Israel.
For many years I have been calling the attention of the Watchtower Society to the fact that they are performing Baal cult by using the word "Jehovah"! But just as Israel before them, Jehovah’s Witnesses are stubborn and obstinate und are not able to accept discipline. They cling to "Jehovah" and didn’t even give me an answer. Because of this, IOUO will soon destroy the Jehovah’s Witnesses and only a small portion will be saved out of them like "through fire"! It will be the discreet virgins, who Jesus foretold in Matthew 25. Virgins accompany the bride and are not the bride themselves. Therefore Jesus’ parable still must be fulfilled and was not fulfilled around 1914.

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