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Provision Concerning the Copyright of all Texts of this Website
Since I do not consider the texts of this website to be solely my own intellectual property but the intellectual property of Iouo God (comp. Numbers 20:6-12; Jeremiah 2:13), who through his holy spirit has – at least in its intended direction – guided me to compile these texts, the copyright gives me the moral and legal right to prohibit any altering of my texts, but it does not give me the moral right to prohibit the distribution, printing or translation into a foreign language, also with commercial interests involved.  

I for myself have decided not to allow myself to market my publications since I have to obey Jesus who said: ”Freely you received, freely give”  (Mathew 10:8,9). But already Dr. Martin Luther had solved this problem by commissioning publishers, without demanding payment for his work, or accepting a percentage of the profits. 

So if someone wishes to market my publications or texts, he is free to do so, and only his conscience has to guide him, to what extent he wants to strife for gains or he wants to further the distribution of divine matters. In any case the principle applies, that the motive for distributing God’s thoughts is of no avail, as long as the Happy News of God’s Kingdom is somehow brought to the public (Philippians 1:15-18) and as long as this Good News “runs quickly” (2. Thessalonians 3:1). 

Therefore I shall not specially authorize or expressly license anyone, but whoever whishes to and thinks he should do so, is free to reproduce, to distribute, or to market as a whole or in part my publications and texts of this website (www.iouo.de, www.iouo.info and www.iouo-god.net) in any way or using any medium, or to make translations of it, or in the same way to reproduce, to distribute or to market these respective translations, or to use it in audiovisual form, or similar, even with commercial intentions. This is permitted as long as the respective natural or legal person adheres to the obligation of not altering the text or the line of thought in any way (Galatians 1:7-9). Insignificant changes like correcting typos are not meant by this, but significant changes of the text, inserts, attachments or distorting contractions beyond mere quotation. This above-mentioned permission does not authorize anyone to claim an own copyright of these texts or their translations.

In case of a publishing the author always has to be named. This means that any usage in whatever form of texts of this website or the website as whole is only allowed if my name as author is distinctly stated. Where the bible translation part (www.book.iouo.de) is concerned the “translation team Niedenführ” should distinctly be named.

Neither I personally (nor my family) will ask anything in return for this permission, nor any compensation in what form ever (profit shares or the like). To all who out of whatever motive participate in the distribution of the Gospel in this way, I wish my personal and Iouo’s blessing, and I thank you in Jesus Christ’s name.

With Isaiah 30: 23-26

Haundorf, March 1, 2007 

Kurt Manfred Niedenführ

This provision invalidates all other remarks concering copyrights on this website!
(added March, 13,  2016)

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